In the picture above you can see my beautiful fish tank. The larger fish with the wider tail is named Flora and the smaller longer fish is named Puppy.

My first fish Puppy came from a fireworks night at the local racecourse. I knew that day we would be coming home with a fish and that we would be winning it from one of these booths. We decided to get our first fish this way as a little rescue from the cramped tanks the fairground fish are forced into. The game was to hit three large cards with darts. I asked my SO to play the game for me as I really suck at these types of games. It only took two goes and we were holding our fish. I knew his name straightaway- Puppy. We bought a fish bowl and food from the stall and left. We got a bigger tank as soon as we could and settled him into that tank after a week of treating the water.
Puppy is the cheekiest little fish who swims into the bubbly water from the filter and is pushed back. He chases Flora around and knows when it’s dinner time.

The larger fish came from Pets at Home her name is Flora and she is such a flirt. The day we got her the car decided to break down on a roundabout so unluckily she was in her bag way longer than we thought.
Too much info but Flora could possibly be the poopiest fish in the world. We had to change the fish food as Flora would be constipated everyday. They both have a basic menu, this is probably sad for Puppy as he used to get one flake and a pinch of the food that looks like fine crumbs.
Having fish is such a relaxing pastime. The noise of the filter is very relaxing and makes sleeping a lot easier as does the sound of the water moving.
Blog 3 Picture 1Having a good quality filter means that cleaning the tank is easier. We use a weekly cleaner solution and swap out half the water once a month.
One of the worst parts of keeping fish is that it’s near impossible to find christmas decorations for the tank. In January I finally found a Christmas tree which I’m keeping for next Christmas.


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